Plenary Speakers

Prof. Ali Safaa Sadiq

Associate Professor in Cybersecurity &
Director of the Cyber Security
Research Group (CSRG)
Nottingham Trent University

Title of the Talk :  Build Trust and Security in your AI solutions!”


The greater use of AI has called for increased trust and security in data quality and model decisions, especially in regulated environments such as finance. We have therefore developed a platform called Trust Your Machine Learning Output (TYMLO), which looks to address a key issue in the sector, by helping to improve data quality and model decisions for AI solutions.
Standard AI tools, developed and adopted by most organisations, are generally not fit for purpose in these regulated settings due to the fact that they do not outline how the AI algorithms derive results.  This has led to a growing lack of trust and security in the AI-based decisions and predictions being made, due to poor data quality and lack of explainability.
To fill this gap, TYMLO (web-based toolkits helping data scientists, AI, and ML developers to trust ML outcomes) was devised by an expert team at the TYMLO Technology Ltd. Consisting of three toolkits, TYMLO ensures trust, security, quality, and explainability to AI-based decisions. It’s designed to help reduce unreliability, improve data quality, and add trustworthiness to any AI platform.

About the Speaker:

Ali Safaa Sadiq (Ali) is an Associate Professor in Cybersecurity and research leader of the Cyber Security Research Group in the department of Computer Science at Nottingham Trent University. Ali is also a senior IEEE member and adjunct staff at Monash University and an honorary Associate Professor at the Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research and Optimisation, Torrens University Australia. Ali has served as a senior lecturer in Intelligent Networks at the University of Wolverhampton, and a lecturer at the School of Information Technology, Monash University, Malaysia. Previously he has also served as a senior lecturer at the Department of Computer Systems & Networking Department, Faculty of Computer Systems & Software Engineering, University Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia. Ali has completed his first degree in Computer Science in 2004, after that Ali had 5 years of industrial experience in Computer Science and Networking. Ali had his MSc and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science in 2011 and 2014, respectively. Ali has been awarded the Pro-Chancellor Academic Award as the best student in his batch for both master and Ph.D. He has published several scientific/research papers in wellknown international journals and conferences. He was involved in performing 5 research grant projects, whereby 3 of them being around network and security and the others in analysing and forecasting floods in Malaysia. Recently he has been involved as a co-investigator with a research project CYBERMIND that was funded £91k by Innovate UK Cyber Academic Start-up Accelerator 2020. Also, he has led (PI) a funded research project called TrustMe, which is funded in two phases by Innovate UK and DCMS. The project creates an innovative new platform to help AI developers and data scientists to add security, trust, and explainability to their AI-based decisions. The first phase has been funded with £31,338k, while the second phase was funded with over £60k to develop the proof of concept. Ali could manage to develop a commercialised platform called TYMLO and launched a company named TYMLO Technology Ltd. He has supervised more than 5 Ph.D. students and 6 Masters students as well as some other undergraduate final year projects. He is currently working on funded projects named Drive with Confidence: A Safe and Secure Driving System to Mitigate Remote Vehicle Hijacking Risks, and PRAVE: PRoactive Authentication and Verification Embedded Model for Critical Cyber-Physical Systems with a total fund of ~£130k. His current research interests include Cybersecurity, Wireless Communications, and AI applications in the Internet of Things and the Internet of Vehicles.